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PianoDisc 228CFX Player System

Flexibility is a key element of the 228CFX. With it your piano can play via 3.5” floppy disks, specially formatted Piano CDs or even access MX (Music Expansion) or MX platinum PianoDisc’s optional flash memory storage systems. The 228CFX has an all-in-one control unit that uses  state-of-art technology to provide unparallel piano performances.

Silent Drive is an important, built-in-feature in all PianoDisc systems. Silent Drive ensures that PianoDisc systems play with life-like expression, and sound remarkable even at the whisper soft volume levels. It allows for precise control of the piano’s keys for greater fidelity, expression and low volume control.

Available PianoDisc 228CFX Player System Options:

SymphonyPro - The SymphonyPro is a sound card compatible with the 228CFX system. The card precisely reproduces original musical performances and allows these concerts to be played back on an acoustic piano.

Each of the SymphonyPro's General MIDI sounds are sampled at 44.1 kHZ, the music industry standard for audio reproduction. A generous 8 megabytes of sound memory are dedicated to the Stereo Grand Piano sample.

PianoDisc owners can use the sound card with its dynamic reproduction of strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion as accompaniment background music for their piano performances.

Music Expansion - Loaded with over 25 hours of free music, Music Expansion offers favorite selections for every mood and occasion, conveniently stored in 10 Musical Categories. Music Expansion enables you to enjoy hours of uninterrupted music without having to change a Disc or CD. Music Expansion's extensive music library includes full-expression performances from our widely-acclaimed ARTIST SERIES, featuring such well-known artists as Floyd Cramer, Peter Nero, Steve Allen, Dick Hyman and many more. Playback customization gives you the complete control of organizing your favorite songs in up to 12 libraries. Add new releases to your MX library; different formats can be mixed, matched and added to MX, including PianoDisc, Standard MIDI (type 0) and others. You can even record to MX via the TFT record option.

TFT Record Strip - The TFT sensor strip, which PianoDisc calls Touch Film Technology, consists of four pieces of piezo polymer film. Each piece is screen-printed with conductive carbon ink on both sides, resulting is a pattern of 22 sensor fingers. The piezo film sensors are mounted between an aluminum strip and four printed circuit boards. When the pianist strikes a key, its movement slightly stretches the piezo film sensor over the curve in the aluminum strip. This action develops a voltage in the sensor, whose magnitude varies with the force of the key stroke.

QuiteTime – Silence is golden. Nearly everyone enjoys the sound of live piano music, but there are times when silence is either necessary or just appreciated. QuiteTime’s mute mechanism channels a digital piano sound through headphones, so the piano student can practice without feeling self-conscious and the family musician can “jam” without disturbing the rest of the household.

Rockaway Music is an authorized Yamaha and other exclusive piano dealer in Morris County, New Jersey. We carry quality new and used pianos, player pianos and digital pianos. For more information on purchasing a piano in Morris County, or about our piano services we provide for New Jersey, please contact us at: (973) 984-8800.

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 PianoDisc 228CFX Player System NJ |Piano Player System | 228CFX System NJ